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Ninth Tamworth National Fibre Exhibition

Ninth Tamworth National Fibre Exhibition


Ninth Tamworth National Fibre Exhibition






19.10.1990 - 18.11.1990


‘The exhibition provides a rare opportunity for fibre artists to produce work which deliberately tests the conceptual and technical parameters of their works. Overall the exhibition questions and challenges the nature and direction of current work in fibre.’ So Jennifer Sanders noted in the catalogue for the Ninth Tamworth National Fibre Exhibition. She went on to say that, whilst not a survey, the exhibition ‘indicates directions of current work and in retrospect proffers a biennial overview.’ The Exhibition Coordinator was Michael Rolfe the Director of the Tamworth City Gallery. The Selectors were Jennifer Sanders, Assistant Director Collections at the Powerhouse Museum; and Jan Irvine, freelance curator and fibre artist. Acquisitions were Vivien Haley’s quilted ‘Coastal Road Rebuild’; Marta Herbertson and Kathryn Grushka’s ‘Bridge House to Sauchie Castle’; and Maggie Taylor’s miniature tapestries ‘Supper for Nine’ and ‘Lovers in a Boat’.

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