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Dale Frank Vs The Tamworth City Gallery Collection

Dale Frank Vs the Tamworth City Gallery Collection


Dale Frank Vs The Tamworth City Gallery Collection






18.10.1991 - 17.11.1991


In late 1990 Tamworth City Gallery approached Dale Frank to produce a body of work in response to a selection of his choice made from its collection. This exhibition is a result of that idea. Dale Frank has achieved international recognition as a practicing contemporary artist. Born in Singleton and presently living in Scone. Frank for some time has had an awareness and appreciation of work in the Tamworth City Gallery Collection (Tamworth City Gallery, V. Guy Kable Building). His work is characterised by a mixture of irony and humour. This exhibition uses wit and confrontation to promote an appreciation of contemporary art through juxtaposing traditional and contemporary attitudes to the art making process. The idea was conceived as a response to concerns expressed generally in debate about the visual arts today. In particular concerns expressed by regional audiences that might simply be the result of a lack of exposure to the contemporary and/or lack of opportunity to participate in the debate. The exhibition is accompanied by a ten minute video. Produced by the gallery. With interviews and studio shots of the artist at work. In the course of the interviews Frank dismisses the notion of there being an end to traditional practise and subsequent beginning of contemporary. He steers an evolutionary course and discusses his approach to the idea of this project and the working processes involves. FOR MORE please use the links below to view the brochures.


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