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Group Exchange: Second Textile Triennial

Group Exchange: Second Textile Triennial


Group Exchange: Second Textile Triennial






16.08.2014 - 18.10.14


In her Introduction to the Catalogue, Gallery Director Sandra McMahon explained that Curator Cecilia Heffer’s ‘primary focus for this exhibition is to promote excellence and diversity whilst looking at what the collaborative process can bring to the artist’s practice. For Group Exchange: 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial, the intention was to encourage participating artists to connect and exchange ideas, processes and techniques. In order for this to happen, the artists first had to meet. On 27 July 2012 the artists were all invited to Tamworth to meet the curator, the gallery staff and, of course, each other. The opportunity to meet, share ideas and talk about their practice ensured that this exchange would result in a richer outcome for the exhibition. According to Heffer, collaboration provides an opportunity for artists to move out of a usual pattern of practice, and in doing so, create new work through a cross fertilisation of ideas from one medium, technique or discipline to another.' ACQUISITIONS: Anita Larkin, ‘The breath between us’; ‘Cloudscape’ from Make.Shift Concepts - Armando Chant & Donna Sgro; Penny Evans, ‘Stranded’ and ‘Transcendence’ by Kate Campbell-Pope. FOR MORE please use the link below to read the Catalogue Essays.


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