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Taylor, Maggie


Taylor, Maggie






1964 -


Maggie Taylor exhibited two works in the Ninth Tamworth National Fibre Exhibition, held in 1990. These works were 'Lovers in a Boat' and 'Supper for Nine', both created in 1989 and later acquired for the Tamworth Regional Gallery collection. FROM her webpage at www.seedexpressions.com: ‘Maggie Taylor, born in England in 1964, has been a practicing artist for 27 years. After completing a two year art 'Foundation' course she then went on to complete a BA Hons in 'Constructed Textiles' at Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts, London. Maggie majored in traditional tapestry weaving, concentrating mainly on miniature tapestry weaving for many years. She has exhibited in galleries around Australia and has private collections through out Europe. Currently Maggie is living and working in Queensland, Australia. ARTIST STATEMENT: From a child I always wanted to be a painter and was inspired by naive art. Also abstract painters such as Mondrian, Rothco and Picasso. I loved the flat and bright colours without perspective. When I went to art school I discovered textiles which reminded me of something I knew deep within. I became intrigued by miniature naive paintings in India and the rich patterns of eastern rugs. Tapestry weaving has become a way of expressing the modern and ancient combined. My Images have been depicted as being childlike and innocent, a woven painting that tells a story. As well as woven tapestry I use various mediums, paper collage, acrylic on canvas with 3d recycled objects. I am also a Creative Arts Therapist.’

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