Friends of the Theatre Royal Tasmania Collection




The Theatre Royal is Australia’s oldest working theatre

The Theatre Royal Collection is maintained as collections by the Theatre Royal, the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Friends of the Theatre Royal.

Items included in the Theatre Royal Collection were created by the Theatre Royal and owned by the Theatre Royal over its 180 year history. Included within the scope of the collections are items generated by the Theatre Royal and passed to other agencies for safe keeping or as required by statute, for example a copy of all government publications is required to be deposited with the Archive and Heritage Office including posters and programs generated by the Theatre. Donations of personal materials relating to the Theatre Royal and created by the Theatre Royal were considered to be within the scope of the Theatre Royal Collection.

Theatre Royal Hobart


The Collection spans five identified key themes of the Theatre’s heritage:

1. Performance ( costumes ,programs, photos, design and production notes, and ticket and invitations);

2. Promotion and Review ( poster scrapbooks, press clippings and reviews);

3. Theatre Building ( plans and drawings, samples from the building);

4. Theatre Administration and Management ( correspondence, outreach, historical records);

5. Significant Individuals and Events