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Doonan, Joseph


Doonan, Joseph






Assistant Superintendednt of Fremantle Prison, and Acting Superintedent at the time of the Fenian escape in April 1876. Doonan was an Irishman, and was investigated due to having been infomred of the possibility of an escape. Following this, Doonan attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a bread knife [1], then resigned from his position. He was also committed to the Lunatic Asylum. Once he recovered, Doonan went into the merchant business, running a General Store of his own, with dwelling house of eight rooms and balcony, known as Adelaide House, situated on Adelaide Street, opposite the Fremantle Town Hall. He died in 1886. [1] Ron Davidson, 'Fremantle Impressions', Fremantle Press, 2008, p. 204

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